YouPorn, the porn site you visit when your grandmother won’t get off your jam about continuing to live in her basement a good.

YouPorn is launching what it calls a “TikTok-inspired” web app that uses machine learning (ML) to learn and adapt to each.

MindGeek, the adult entertainment monopoly best known for operating the controversial porn site Pornhub, is trying to jump on the TikTok craze with YouPorn SWYP. With SWYP, YouPorn promises “a new way.

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So, it makes sense that, a major adult entertainment site has developed a porno version of the video-centric social media.

Say what you want about YouPorn, but the adult content site certainly has its finger on the pulse of the latest tech trends and often quickly adapts to better serve the needs of its legions of smut.

YouPorn launches TikTok-like app for adult videos – The new YouPorn Swyp app features a mobile-friendly platform which shows previews of adult videos users can browse through.

YouPorn embraces the TikTok age with Swyp browser – Proving the old adage that porn will either lead the way or at least jump on the bandwagon at the first opportunity, YouPorn.

The new web-based app, YouPorn SWYP, will offer you a scrolling preview of all the adult videos you can enjoy on the website.

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