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ASCI WhatsApp number completes four years of providing free and efficient complaint registration option to consumers.

Going viral: How brands are realigning their communication during the Coronavirus crisis – Texas-based Handmade Vodka brand Tito’s clarified to a viral video message warning the public.

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New Delhi, Apr 03(ANI): Amidst corona lockdown in the country, RSS came forward to help GB Road sex workers by distributing ration.

wake of lockdown due to novel coronavirus, Indian Army.

Muslim Teen Sex Indians Get Fucked Now, even Greenpeace is starting to take a page from XR’s civil-disobedience book, co-organizing Jane Fonda’s Fire Drill. She always had this look somewhere in between hating everything and finding it all very amusing. We worked together, Rachel and I: cashiers in the café at the National Sculpture Garden. We became. Radhika

The right to free education up to the age of 14 is enshrined as a fundamental right in Article 21A of the Indian constitution.

All about the ‘Only Until Tomorrow’ challenge and what we know about the latest Instagram trend; Stay At Home stickers and more – As more number of people across the globe choose to stay safe at home, fun challenges and viral trends are nearly a given to make the quarantine period bearable and even, memorable. Take a look at.

Alongside the escapist fare, Bollywood has always had a great parallel tradition of poetic realism, stories dealing with.

With this amendment, the former chief ministers would not be entitled for rent-free furnished accommodation.

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That it happened some 400 km from Calcutta was an indication of the extent to which Indian society had been brutalised.