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Reservations are not just done based on caste and religion, it is also done based on sex ( as seen in the picture.

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Millions of Girls Worldwide Still Subjected to Painful, Dangerous Genital Cutting – there are still millions of girls around the world subjected to the painful and highly dangerous practice. An age-old ritual,

‘Missing’ was started to create awareness about girls who are kidnapped from Indian villages and sold as sex slaves around.

From a street performer to activist: A trafficked women’s painful story of survival – The campaign is led by members of the Indian Leadership Forum Against Trafficking.

Her love for dancing and her earnings.

These will give them insights into behavioural patterns of the Indian population, which will further their research on how to.

Having studied infant and child sleep in the US, she is now a member of the Indian Society for Sleep Research.

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Reddy My life is a blockbuster movie, it has drama, pain, romance, thriller, suspense.

I am a transsexual, a female soul.

People now need their mobiles near them even when they’re in the shower or having sex! Perhaps a better meaning of WMD now is.